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Good people management is of critical importance to any organisation. The leadership skills of the people at the top of the organisation normally receive plenty of attention, but quite often the ‘regular’ manager is ignored. My focus is on the second group: the men and women who manage their teams every day, doing a more than ordinary job. The training provided by To be Training is practical and always based on the HR philosophy and instruments of your organisation. I will achieve maximum results given the opportunities in your organisation.

How do I make sure my managers have the right capabilities to manage their teams? What can I do to improve the personal effectiveness of my managers? How do I ensure they will take responsibility for both results and creating a fun environment on the work floor?

These questions and more are part of the people management training of To be Training, consisting of two parts with four modules each:

To be training, Wiemer Renkema, HR Management, Amsterdam

To be consulting, Wiemer Renkema
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