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‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely players’, Shakespeare wrote. Are all organisations theatres? And all employees actors? Yes, I do believe so. The work floor is drama, humour and improvisation.

In Shakespeare’s plays there are many ideas about the character of mankind, about men and women, and about leadership that are still valid, even in this modern world.. You see these themes in every organisation. Wherever you are in your personal career or life, you can learn from Shakespeare.

With Shakespeare in our pocket, To be Training has unique workshops that provide insights in the challenging subjects of today, using 16th century fiction. No prior knowledge of Shakespeare is required. The workshops take a maximum of two hours and are easy to combine with lunch or afternoon drinks. We have 5 workshops covering the following topics:

To be training, Wiemer Renkema, HR Management, Amsterdam

To be consulting, Wiemer Renkema
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